About Us

BirchBarn Designs is a custom woodshop specializing in small batch, handcrafted artisan pieces that are as functional as they are beautiful. From cutting and serving boards to beer caddies and lawn games, we design a wide-range of products for the home. We also offer custom engraving on most of our pieces, allowing you create a gift that is unique and truly personal.

Each piece is created in the workshop of Matt Swanson, located on the south shore of Boston, behind the barn doors and next to the birch trees. We welcome the opportunity to create a gift that will be enjoyed daily and cherished for years to come.

Matt Swanson | Head Carpenter

Matt Swanson, the designer and carpenter behind BirchBarn Designs, brings nearly a decade of experience to his current woodworking practice. Matt cut his teeth remodeling houses and constructing custom cabinetry. One day, he surveyed a pile of scrap wood in the dumpster and decided to give it a second life as a cutting board. The rest, as they say, is history. Matt enjoys the endless possibilities of designing handmade wood products where form follows function. He also looks forward to working with people to make their kitchen and dining room ideas become realities. He specializes in creating hardwood countertops and tabletops, and unique cutting boards of all styles and sizes.

Matt is a man of many talents and interests that include but are not limited to frosty brews, smoked meat, and building fires. On any given day, you can find him gluing up a new cutting board pattern, slow-smoking brisket from Texas, splitting wood in the yard or homebrewing in the basement. A pretty personable guy, Matt feels lucky he gets the daily opportunity to design and produce custom pieces for his customers. Matt resides in Scituate, MA with his wife, Shelley, and their loyal companion, Shiner.

Shelley Swanson | Marketing & Operations

Shelley Swanson is head of marketing and online operations for BirchBarn Designs. She has over a decade of experience in marketing, communications and business development. Shelley oversees BirchBarn Designs’ marketing and online branding campaigns, while seeking new opportunities to showcase the company’s handcrafted products. Her favorite days consist of meeting with customers, researching the latest online marketing trends and over-sharing on social media. (She also sneaks in plenty of snuggle-time with the “shop dog” Shiner.)